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Direct Vent Kit                       

Direct Vent Kit for the 30,000 BTU Freestanding Corn Flame Stove. Everything included for a horizontal installation from the back of your stove through an outside wall. This Kit will be just enough if the stove will be set close to the outside wall. Since this Model only needs 2 inches of clearance from the back wall, why spend $250 for a Kit. 

Please note this kit makes a "straight" run through your wall.  Some manufacturers want you to run a vertical section after exiting the outside wall to make a natural updraft in case of power outages which could possibly create a backdraft into your home. Corn Flame Energy's 3000 Model needs only one vent pipe because it draws the outside air for combustion through the outside of the pipe that also vents your exhaust.  This feature makes installation easier as you only need one hole through your wall.  If using this installation option, by keeping your door closed during a power outage, your stove will not create a backdraft into your home.

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